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Yaaaaaaaawn it sure has been some time since we updated this here old Tumblr. Were you afraid that we ODed on experimental icing meant only to create a super army? I’ve had many nightmares detailing such a situation, but they’ve yet to come true. 

So, we’ll be at PIX this year with a rousing number of NEW comics for you to choose from: FIVE. That’s five more than last year! I can’t believe my sweaty eyeballs either. That image above is a sneak peak of what you can be purchasing for a mere $.50. “But what will I do with the other cash I have in my leather wallet I swiped from the dollar store?” you’re asking yourself. Well, we’ll have a number of t-shirts (not many!), cupcakes (pumpkin stuffed!), and five more comics than we had last year. 

With all this great news to be had, something terrible was bound to happen. This year you’ll only have the pleasure of finding me, Dan, behind the booth. Kerry, the artist, has betrayed the tried-and-true Yanks and scurried on down south. She’s left behind a trail of cupcakes, laughter and sorrow. Mostly sorrow. I’m really worried that the booth’s charisma quota may not be filled this year, so if you were only coming by to say how great Kerry’s art is you can save your time. I heard there’s some Small Press Expo going on near the other side of the city and maybe there’s a Kerry clone there?

To recap:

  • This coming weekend Cupcakes and Comics will have a booth at PIX (October 8-9).
  • I will be there (with some special guest) selling you t-shirts, cupcakes, and comics.
  • Comics are only $.50 and gourmet cupcakes are only $1.50.
  • T-shirts are limited and will cost $10. They’re hand-screened!
  • There will be a weird mixture of bundles and packages to confuse you into spending more money than you need to and supporting a business that in no way should ever have made it this far (which isn’t really that far, but still exciting nonetheless). 

Hit us up on Twitter if you have any questions or comments. 

One late night Kevin Czap, on the verge of collapsing into a coma after stuffing a countless number of our cupcakes into his mouth, asked Kerry and I if we’d like to be in his Puppy Teeth Comic Anthology. Of course we said yes. We’ve never been in an anthology before so we decided to make our premier piece one of the greatest works of art we’ve ever produced. Our piece has fully fleshed out characters and a number of twist and turns that rival the largest corn maze in existence! Who knew a comic about the origin of our newest licensed beverage, Cupcake Barf, would be so complex? Plus, it’s our first color piece.

Kerry and I don’t normally work in the realm of color due to an increase in production cost. Not to mention that trying to paint Captain Cupcake a particular color is like trying to describe the beauty of a rainbow to a puppy who pleasantly paws their way through life knowing nothing more than gray. But, we’re willing to try anything once!

Now that you’re hooked, you can go ahead and pre-order Puppy Teeth. It’ll make its debut at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, but it can be all yours for a mere $10. That’s like two coffees, or two gallons of gas. Basically, if you walk more often you can get Puppy Teeth for free. 

Photos from SPACE!

We still have a lot of stuff to write about regarding last weekend’s S.P.A.C.E show, but this video ought to tie you over! 

Kerry and I have had the pleasure of exhibiting in a wild assortment of places. It’s been an awesome journey and I want to take a second to think about how far we’ve come!

Our debut table was in the heart of Polish Hill here in Pittsburgh. We didn’t know anything about table Feng Shui back then, or even what we were doing. We did have a cooler full of cupcakes, some poster board and two outrageous comics to sell.

We learned little at Polish Hill except that the sun gets very hot and most of the people were disappointed we had cupcakes in the cooler instead of water.

After Polish Hill we heard about an opportunity to showcase at the Strip District Flea Market. “The Strip District! That’s big time!” we thought. We imaged being surrounded by market goers preparing for the next Steelers’ game. Unfortunately, there was no Steelers’ game that weekend and the flea market was in an abandoned field on the edge of the Strip District that was probably home to a thriving colony of ticks. We actually bought a table for this outing, planning to return it after the single use. We fell in love with the table and just couldn’t part with it.

Astute readers will notice we were also trying to sell people invisible cupcakes for $250. We had several inquiries, but no real takers.

Next was PIX! This was what we’ve been gearing up for and I’d say this was our best booth yet. We had some real-estate to showcase our five comics as well a glass display case for our cupcakes. We were particularly proud of the use of the column on the right side of the picture. The best thing about this is that we actually weren’t the worst booth there!

After PIX, we decided to showcase at the Lawrenceville Lil’ Flea. We shared some space with our pal, Joe, from 4H Comics. We were cramped on our little table, but we had a blast trying to sell our comics to strangers. We actually met a man who was part of some underground comic group and, of course, we game him our home addresses without thinking twice.

Shortly after the Lawrenceville Lil’ Flea I broke our glass display case. It was incredibly depressing.

Most recently was the I Made It! Market booth. We ditched that ratty pink table cloth for a dazzling silver table cape that would make any prince jealous. We replaced the glass case with a fancy cupcake holder. I think it was an upgrade, but who knows? We also decided to go sign crazy. The less we had to explain the easier transactions went. I can’t get over how nice those stacks of comics look! That is booth Feng Shui at its finest, I reckon.

So that’s our booth retrospective. What kind of booth will you see from us at S.P.A.C.E? I’m not sure, but if you have any grand ideas let us know in the comments! We’ll have t-shirts, 5 more comics and maybe a raffle box! You’d like to enter a raffle wouldn’t you? Ideally, we’d have some sort of piñata, but I’m not sure Bob, the show organizer, would be too happy with that…

Just wanted to give all our enormous (in spirit, not weight) fans a heads up that we will be out of the country for the next week! I know you’ll miss us, but instead of sulking around in your sulking galoshes why not try these fun tasks:

  • Make a competing comic about muffins.
  • See how many cupcakes you can eat until you barf.
  • See how many cupcakes you can barf up. Go for 100%!
  • Go visit Phantom of the Attic in Oakland or Copacetic Comics on Polish Hill and purchase a pack of our comics.
  • Register for S.P.A.C.E
  • Role play as Captain Cupcake
  • Write an essay about the struggle and racial barriers cupcakes must overcome everyday.
  • Do some math. No one does math anymore.

In addition, you can buy a barfing cupcake t-shirt. If you purchase one now we will not be able to ship them until next Friday. By that time you’ll have forgotten about it and when it shows up in your mailbox you’ll go right into shock!

To get you pumped up, here’s some photos of fans around the world wearing our shirt!

This is Shawn! Look how proud he is! Can you believe he has owned a house for an entire year? To celebrate he bought not one, but two t-shirts. He’ll probably own that house forever at this rate!

On the other side of the spectrum is Pat. Pat doesn’t own anything. He travels with a shoebox and a Kennedy haircut. Some say he’ll be senator someday. If he does it won’t be because of this picture, I’ll tell you that much.


Look at that fine poster. You’d think we were going to some sort of comic expo sponsored by the demons that created Halloween! If you’re smart enough to de-anagram S.P.A.C.E you’ll realize that we’re going to the Small Press Alternative Comics Expo in Columbus, Ohio (alternatively, Satan’s Pals Are Creating Evil).

This will be our second showing and I can say that Kerry and I learned a lot from PIX to ensure that S.P.A.C.E will be an immaculate success. We’re going to plan ahead to create some interesting signs that attendees will see from across the hall. “What in heaven’s constellation is that sign, Pappy?” Pappy won’t know. How could he? He’s just a pappy. So they’ll have to migrate to our booth to find a treasure trove of gifts! What gifts? Well…

  • Issues 1-10 of our comic. We’ll have these in two separate packs (1-5 and 6-10). Buying a pack not only nets you some sweet, sugar coated comics, but you also get our origin comic!
  • Holiday Banzai Spectacular Collection - It’s a collection of our finest holiday hits! Ever wonder what a cupcake does during Halloween? Or how the first Thanksgiving wen for the cupcake tribe? This pack will satisfy that curiosity!
  • Cupcakes. Of course. Legally we aren’t allowed to sell comics without cupcakes. We aren’t exactly sure what cupcakes we’ll have, but they might be blue. Or violet.
  • T-shirts! If you’ve been keeping your ear to the comic ground, you’ll know that Kerry and I have been churning out t-shirts. We screen print them ourselves so you know what you’re getting is a unique product that was crafted with love and passion for the arts. Check out this overflowing inventory:

While we are happy to provide an assortment of one of a kind items, we’re even more eager to slap hands with old friends and meet a ton of new comic pals. We walked away from PIX with a ton of memories and contacts and I hope that S.P.A.C.E is just as successful. What fun is a comic expo if you’re not meeting new people and learning new techniques or tricks? For me, that’s the value of going to these things. Maybe no one will buy any of our stuff, but we’ll at least find a new pen pal.

cupcakes! May I have some? :P


Well, yeah. We truly believe that every child, man, woman, extraterrestrial, pirate and demon deserve to have 24/7 access to this delicious sweet. Cupcakes are the pinnacle of desserts. What other dish can be topped with a myriad of icing? Change the flavor of its cakey body, or fill itself with liquid surprises?

So, yes. Yes you can have some. If you’re looking for our cupcakes keep visiting this page to find where we’ll be (Columbus, Ohio is our next stop!). Stay strong, true cupcake believer.

Where it snows ice cream and the weathermen are clouds!

This was probably a breaking point in my childhood.

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