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Kerry and I have had the pleasure of exhibiting in a wild assortment of places. It’s been an awesome journey and I want to take a second to think about how far we’ve come!

Our debut table was in the heart of Polish Hill here in Pittsburgh. We didn’t know anything about table Feng Shui back then, or even what we were doing. We did have a cooler full of cupcakes, some poster board and two outrageous comics to sell.

We learned little at Polish Hill except that the sun gets very hot and most of the people were disappointed we had cupcakes in the cooler instead of water.

After Polish Hill we heard about an opportunity to showcase at the Strip District Flea Market. “The Strip District! That’s big time!” we thought. We imaged being surrounded by market goers preparing for the next Steelers’ game. Unfortunately, there was no Steelers’ game that weekend and the flea market was in an abandoned field on the edge of the Strip District that was probably home to a thriving colony of ticks. We actually bought a table for this outing, planning to return it after the single use. We fell in love with the table and just couldn’t part with it.

Astute readers will notice we were also trying to sell people invisible cupcakes for $250. We had several inquiries, but no real takers.

Next was PIX! This was what we’ve been gearing up for and I’d say this was our best booth yet. We had some real-estate to showcase our five comics as well a glass display case for our cupcakes. We were particularly proud of the use of the column on the right side of the picture. The best thing about this is that we actually weren’t the worst booth there!

After PIX, we decided to showcase at the Lawrenceville Lil’ Flea. We shared some space with our pal, Joe, from 4H Comics. We were cramped on our little table, but we had a blast trying to sell our comics to strangers. We actually met a man who was part of some underground comic group and, of course, we game him our home addresses without thinking twice.

Shortly after the Lawrenceville Lil’ Flea I broke our glass display case. It was incredibly depressing.

Most recently was the I Made It! Market booth. We ditched that ratty pink table cloth for a dazzling silver table cape that would make any prince jealous. We replaced the glass case with a fancy cupcake holder. I think it was an upgrade, but who knows? We also decided to go sign crazy. The less we had to explain the easier transactions went. I can’t get over how nice those stacks of comics look! That is booth Feng Shui at its finest, I reckon.

So that’s our booth retrospective. What kind of booth will you see from us at S.P.A.C.E? I’m not sure, but if you have any grand ideas let us know in the comments! We’ll have t-shirts, 5 more comics and maybe a raffle box! You’d like to enter a raffle wouldn’t you? Ideally, we’d have some sort of piñata, but I’m not sure Bob, the show organizer, would be too happy with that…

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